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“As centuries of dictators have shown, an illiterate crowd is the easiest to rule; since the craft of reading cannot be untaught once it has been acquired, the second-best recourse is to limit its scope”.
Alberto Manguel

I stand against any form of censorship that represses or limits the artistic freedom of authors and the freedom of readers to read.

I ask the governments of the democratic countries to intervene decisively to stop the recent wave of attacks on books and authors, and to reaffirm the democratic principles of individual free expression and opinion, that it is not based on silencing others.

I ask the governments of the democratic countries not to legitimise historical revisionism on literary works.

I ask the governments of the democratic countries to protect and support writers, publishers, teachers, librarians, educators, and all those who daily at their own expense, fight against censorship and struggle to defend literature as a common asset.

I ask the governments of the democratic countries, and in particular, the departments of public education, to create clear and honest procedures that prevent the banning of books from schools and libraries for political, ideological, or simply emotional reasons.

I ask that the responsibility and authority of those who produce books (professional authors and publishers) and those who choose them and propose them in educational and cultural contexts be recognized.

I ask that the right of users, including children and youth, to accede to all original texts, without censorship, be recognized, affording them the opportunity to locate the texts historically in the context in which they were written and to reflect on that situation. I ask that the ability of the youngest readers to distinguish between fact and fiction be recognized and respected.

I ask that governments safeguard the integrity of literary and artistic works and act so that they are put to ideological use and are not censored in any way in the name of any ideology.